General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Sites belonging to AgiusCloud:

These terms and general conditions of use for the services rendered by the legal entity Agius Tecnologia Comércio e Serviços Ltda, duly registered under CNPJ n. 10.778.497 / 0001-27, with headquarters in:
Avenida Paulista, 1294 – 8th floor
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Sao Paulo-SP


Hereinafter called AgiusCloud, with the following addresses:
• agius.cloud
• agiuscloud.com
• app.agiuscloud.com
• agiuscloud.net
• aff.agiuscloud.com



AgiusCloud is characterized by the following services:
Provision of management tool for Private Virtual Servers (VPS).



All those who wish to have access to the services offered through AgiusCloud should firstly inform themselves about the rules that make up this instrument, which will be available for ready and wide consultation, in direct link in the own site.

By using AgiusCloud, the user accepts these standards in full and undertakes to observe them, at the risk of applying the applicable penalties. Before starting any navigation in the site, the user should be aware of any modifications or updates that occurred in these terms.

If you do not agree to any of the rules described herein, you must immediately refrain from using the service. If it is of your interest, you can still contact [email protected] to present your reservations.



AgiusCloud undertakes to use all the technical solutions at its disposal to allow access to the 24 (twenty four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week service. However, it may at any time interrupt, limit or suspend access to the site or any of its pages in order to perform updates, modifications of content or any other action deemed necessary for its proper functioning.

These general terms and conditions of use and purchase and sale apply to all extensions of AgiusCloud in social networks or in communities, both existing and those to be implemented.



For good management, AgiusCloud may, at any time:
A) Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site to a specific category of Internet users;
B) Remove any information that may disturb the operation of the site or that are in conflict with norms of Brazilian Law or international law;
C) Suspend the site in order to perform updates and modifications.



The services provided by AgiusCloud may only be accessed by fully capable persons, in accordance with Brazilian law. All those who do not possess full civilian capacity – under 18 years of age who are not emancipated, prodigals, habitual drunkards or toxic addicts, and persons who can not express their will for transient or permanent reasons – must be duly assisted by their legal representatives, who Responsible for compliance with these rules.

For the proper registration with the service, the user must provide the required data in full. All information provided by the user must be accurate, truthful and current. In any case, the user will respond, in civil and criminal scope, for the truthfulness, accuracy and authenticity of the data informed.

The user must provide a valid email address through which the site will make all necessary contacts. All communications sent to said address will be deemed read by the user, who undertakes to regularly consult his received messages and to respond within a reasonable time.

After confirmation of your registration, the user will have a personal login and password, which should be used by him to access his account at AgiusCloud. This connection data can not be informed by the user to third parties, being the sole responsibility of the use made of them. You agree to immediately report any suspicious or unexpected activity on your account to the publisher of the site.
You may not assign, sell, rent or otherwise transfer the account.

The user who fails to comply with any of the rules contained in this instrument will be automatically disenrolled, being forbidden to re-register on the site.

The user can, at any time and without need of justification, request the cancellation of his registration in the option ACCO in the panel AgiusCloud (https://app.agiuscloud.com).

Your unsubscribe will be carried out immediately.



The publisher will be responsible for the defects or defects found in the services provided by AgiusCloud, provided that it has given them cause. Defects or technical or operational defects originating from the user’s own system are not the responsibility of the publisher.
The editor is only responsible for the information that was directly disclosed by him. Any information included by users, such as comments and personal profiles, will be entirely their own responsibility.

The user is also responsible for:

A) for the correct use of the site and its services, praying for good coexistence, respect and cordiality in the relationship with other users;
B) compliance with the rules contained in this instrument, as well as rules of national law and international law;
C) protecting your account access data (login and password).

The publisher will not be responsible:

A) the intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, mainly regarding the reliability and the origin of the information circulating in this network;
B) for the illegal content or activities practiced through your site.



AgiusCloud may contain external links by redirecting you to other websites on which the publisher does not exercise control. Despite previous and regular checks by the publisher, it disclaims any responsibility for the content found on these sites and services.

Links may be included on AgiusCloud pages and documents provided they are not used for commercial or advertising purposes. This inclusion will depend on prior authorization of the publisher.

The inclusion of pages that disclose any kind of illegal, violent, controversial, pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory or offensive information shall not be permitted.



The structure of AgiusCloud, as well as the text, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, videos and other computer applications that make it up are the property of the publisher and are protected by Brazilian and international copyright laws.

Any representation, reproduction, adaptation or partial or total exploitation of the contents, trademarks and services offered by the site, by any means whatsoever, without prior express, written permission of the publisher, is strictly prohibited, being able to resort to civil and criminal measures Applicable. Only elements that are expressly designated on the site as royalty free are excluded from this forecast.

Access does not give you any right of intellectual property relating to elements of the site, which remain under the exclusive property of the publisher.

It is forbidden for the user to include in the site data that may modify its content or its appearance.



1. Personal information

All personal data provided by the user at the time of registration or that may be requested later, in this capacity, will remain confidential and will not be passed on to any partners of the site, except when such information is indispensable for the processing of the services provided.

In other situations, the publisher may only transmit personal data to third parties when the user expressly allows it or when the legal hypotheses provided for in Brazilian law, such as the judicial request, are present.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the users, and must protect the site against attempts of violations or clandestine access to its database.

2. Navigation data

The site eventually uses “cookies” techniques, which allow you to analyze statistics and information about the user’s navigation. For example, data on the device used by the user and their access location can be provided. This collection of information seeks to improve navigation, for the comfort of the user, allowing you to present personalized services according to your preferences.

This navigation data can also be shared with any partners of the site, seeking to improve the products and services offered to the user.

The user may object to the registration of “cookies” by the site, simply disable this option in your own browser or device. On the other hand, disabling this record may affect the availability of some tools and some site services.



AgiusCloud reserves the right to modify the prices of the services at any time by publishing them on the AgiusCloud website.

The tariffs in force at the time of the request will be applied, subject to the availability of services on this date.

The prices will be indicated in Reais, which will be specified separately and will be informed to the customer before the order is placed.

The total amount of the application, including all fees, will be indicated before the final validation of the application.


The payment of the request must be made in cash, through the following means:


The delivery period of the services acquired in AgiusCloud will be immediate, after confirmation of payment.


Within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of the service, the customer may withdraw from the purchase and request the return of the amounts paid, without the need to present any justifications.
In this case, the service purchased will be disabled.


In case of any doubts, suggestions or problems with the use of AgiusCloud, the user can contact his service directly, through the email address: [email protected], as well as the support service in the Panel itself. These customer service services will be available on the following days and times:
From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


Without prejudice to other applicable legal measures, AgiusCloud may, at any time, warn, suspend or cancel the user account:
A) failure to comply with any of the provisions contained in this instrument;
B) that they violate their duties as a user;
C) to commit fraudulent or intentional acts;
D) to provide any incorrect information;
E) whose behavior constitutes or may come to import offense or damage to third party or to the site itself.


The current version of the terms and conditions of use was last updated on 07/26/2017.
The publisher reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the site and the services, as well as the present standards, especially to adapt them to the evolutions of AgiusCloud, either by the availability of new functionalities, or by the suppression Or modification of existing ones.
The user who uses the service, after making changes to the general terms and conditions, demonstrates its agreement with the new rules. If you disagree with any of the modifications, you should immediately ask for the cancellation of your account and submit your reservation to the service desk, if you wish.


For the solution of the controversies arising from this instrument, Brazilian law will be fully applied, especially its consumer legislation.
Any disputes must be filed in the forum of the district where the editor’s headquarters is located.



The AgiusCloud team wishes you success!